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Help & Support

For telephone support, please call

0333 1234 994

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User Manuals
Each unit comes with a printed user manual,
however follow the links below to download a copy,

Dimensions / Troubleshooting

Basic Troubleshooting

Possible Cause: Yellow wire (12v Constant) is not connected or incorrect voltage
    Action: With a meter, check the connections on the Yellow wire, it should be at least 12volts

Possible Cause: Red wire (12v Ignition Switched) not connected or incorrect voltage
    Action: with a meter, check the connection on the red wire for 12v whilst the key/switch is on.

Possible Cause: Black wire (ground) not connected
    Action: Be sure the black wire is at a clean metal surface or known ground

Possible Cause: Radio volume is down or radio is muted
    Action: Check volume control and mute function

Possible Cause: Internal amp is in protect mode
    Action: Check speaker wiring for shorted or grounded wires (also confirm impedance of speakers is 4ohms)

Possible Cause: Radio is in wrong source mode (AUX, BT Audio etc)
    Action: Toggle radio to correct source

Possible Cause: Possible short in wiring
    Action: Check wiring to be sure there are no shorts . Possible incorrect fuse rating (15amp required for radio), DO NOT Increase the size of a factory installed fuse, this may cause a fire, ensure that the wiring is of the correct gauge, if necessary, run a replacement feed directly from the battery with the correct rating of fuse and gauge of wire.

Possible Cause: Vehicle is positive grounding or battery is in backwards (wrong polarity)
    Action: Check vehicle for correct negative grounding system or verify battery is installed correctly. (Retrosound radios will only work on a NEGATIVE ground/earth system

Possible Cause: Invalid media or device
    Action: Verify media is correct supported format (Please check the owners manual for supported formats)

Possible Cause: RF Interference from high performance ignition systems
    Action: Make sure main control box is isolated from the firewall (use the rubber boots that came with the ignition module)

Possible Cause: Advanced or improper igntion timing
    Action: Adjust the ignition timing back to factory specs, so that it does not fire prematurley. Check the distributor for cracks or a loose cap. Check the rotor for burns or pits on the surface. Test the ignition coil for proper function.