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Tips for installing an Electric Telescopic (Powered) Antenna

Installation of an Electric or Powered Antenna is fairly simple, you just need to ensure you have adequate space under the wing for the motor body of the antenna (or use the PA-02 remote motor antenna). You will also need to run power to the antenna along with the coaxial lead.

Wiring the antenna is simple, there is a constant (+12v) feed, radio switched feed (+12v) and a ground.

  • Ground: Black wire (to chassis)
  • 12v Constant Feed: Red wire (to Battery via Fuse)
  • 12v Switched Feed: Blue wire (to Blue "Antenna Control" wire on radio)

Important Notes:

  • Always ensure the top securing nut is firmly attached prior to powering the antenna, if you don't, you risk the antenna mast ejecting, once this happens, it is fairly difficult to re-insert the antenna mast.
  • Do not open up the motor body, there are no user serviceable parts within the motor body and doing so will invalidate the antenna warranty.
  • Ensure that the drainage tube is attached to the bottom of the motor. In the case of the PA-02, ensure that there is a natural "flow" from the antenna mast tube down to the drainage hole in the bottom of the motor, otherwise the motor will fill up with water and will reduce the serviceable life of the antenna (also invalidating the warranty).
  • Do not oil or grease the antenna mast, it should be cleaned periodically with a damp lint free cloth.

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