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Retrosound Single 5x7" Dual Voice Coil Dash Speaker - R57N

This RetroSound dual voice coil dash speaker gives you a stereo mix from your single dash speaker location. It uses a Neodymium magnet structure for high power handling in a slim-mount design. A Santoprene surround delivers the most natural sound possible with no distortion. Dual mylar tweeters produce crisp, clear highs.

  • 5 x 7-inch stereo dash replacement speaker
  • Stereo mix from your single speaker location    
  • Neodymium magnet structure for ultra-thin design    
  • Santoprene surround for smooth, natural sound    
  • Dual mylar tweeters for crisp, clear highs
  • Pulp composite cone -- more musical than poly cones
  • Die-cut magnet for extended pole piece excursion
  • 100 watts power handling

Please note: These super slim custom speakers are specially imported from the US and although they are unique in their design, the yanks have made the chrome rear basket on these fine speakers feature an embossed flame design.

Now although this design neither adds to or removes anything from the acoustic quality of the product, we did recently have one person return it to us complaining about in principle they would never have skulls or flames in their car since they were not yet in a mid-life crisis!!!

So, in the interest of complete transparency if anything in your mental makeup finds shiny flame embellishments obnoxious, please be warned. ;-)

Retrosound Single 5x7" Dual Voice Coil Dash Speaker - R57N

  • £54.99


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