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  • Hidden Car AM/FM and DAB Compatible Discreet Aerial

Two adapters are included to connect to the FM and DAB (SMB) ports of aftermarket radios.

The antenna has a 2.3 meter extension cable which terminates with a universal female FAKRA antenna connector. The Fakra connects to the splitter +15dB

The antenna consists of two lengths of cable which act as the antenna with a mounting plate between them, these wires can be hidden behind panels in the vehicle. Careful attention needs to be paid when installing to maximise the performance of the antenna, heated screens and mechanical parts can interfere with the reception. The Red wire needs to be connected to a 12V ignition supply

This DAB and FM radio antenna is specifically designed to be installed into vehicles where a traditional roof or body mount antenna cannot be installed. This could be because the body of the vehicle is plastic or fibre glass or for aesthetic reasons the antenna needs to be hidden.
Amplified AM, FM antenna designed to be installed in large vehicles such as motorhomes with plastic/fibre glass shells.

Discreetly fits behind the bumper or top fairing above the windscreen

Cannot be installed under metal.

Also comes with a DAB splitter so can be used for DAB aswell.

Hidden Car AM/FM and DAB Compatible Discreet Aerial

  • Brand: C2
  • Product Code: 70-929FMDAB
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • £139.99


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