The Dolomite was the final addition to Triumph’s small-car range (codenamed “Project Ajax”), which had started in 1965 with the Triumph 1300. Designed to be a replacement for the rear-wheel-drive Triumph Herald. Designed as the successor for the upmarket variants of the front-wheel-drive designs, and also to replace a sporting relative of the Herald, the 6-cylinder Triumph Vitesse, the Triumph Dolomite was unveiled at the London Motor Show in October 1971.

If you are a Dolomite fan visit the official website of the Dolomite club…

This plucky little Classic car deserves a decent sound upgrade and although you could cut the door trim panels to fit flush mount speakers, we thought you might find it easier and less stressing to the original looks of the car to have these easy fit pod speakers fitted on the front dash parcel shelf (either side).

The radio we offer here is the entry-level Laguna model however you can upgrade to the Hermosa or Long Beach models. Also, the Euro Black and chrome trim design we have chosen can be interchanged by any of the other variants. Try out our new (model comparison funnel).

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