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  • Retrosound 9 Foot Main Harness Extension Lead for Remote Mounting MH-9

This harness extends your power related wires (12V constant, ignition, ground, remote amp and power antenna turn-on lead), as well as your 4 channels of speaker leads and 2 channels of dedicated subwoofer output (RCAs), to a location up to 9' away from the face and control shafts of your RetroSound® radio.

This is very useful in custom installations, or in situations in where there is not enough room behind the dash for the radio body. For example, after-market air conditioning often adds ducting behind the dash that would interfere with the radio body. With this extension cable, you can mount your RetroSound® radio body almost anywhere, up to 9' away from the dash location.

Additionally, this main wire harness extension can be used with your RetroSound® Quadraphonic amplifier, if the amp cannot be mounted in close proximity to your RetroSound® radio. The harness of the Quadraphonic amp will plug directly into this harness extension, which plugs directly into your RetroSound® radio, eliminating the need to cut and connect wiring in situations where the amp needs to be mounted further from the dash location of the radio.

Retrosound 9 Foot Main Harness Extension Lead for Remote Mounting MH-9

  • Brand: C2
  • Product Code: MH-9
  • Availability: Available
  • £39.99

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