1977 Ford Transit 2 litre V4 Essex with wood deck. This immaculate example came in today to have the old Radiomobile 1095X mono radio replaced with a new model 2 and dual voice coil speaker in the dash and two speaker boxes mounted behind the seats. This is another customer who took us up on our free fitting offer 🙂

Ford Transit woody outside CarAudioStuff Ltd

CarAudioStuff Ltd specialists in all things AutoSound

Origional Radiomobile radio in Transit

Old style radio (Rays remembers these first time round)

oldradio Transit

Retrosound speaker boxes fitted behind the seats

Not subwoofers (full range speakers) but plenty of bass anyway.

New Retrosound Model2 fitted to dash of 77 Ford transit

Note the Bluetooth microphone on the dash top.

Duel voice coil speakers from Retrosound

Fitted with some extra brackets (sounds good too)

Old radiomobile mono and new Retrosound DVC speakers

Old and new speakers together