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How To Videos

How to change the clock on a RetroSound radio How to change the display color on a RetroSound Model Two radio 20 How to install RetroSound DIN Repair Kit How to install the RetroSound Face to Body Extension Cable MODEL 2 MENU...

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Speaker wiring tips

Single Voice Coil Speakers Single voice coil speakers have positive (+) and negative (-) terminals. Each will be connected to the positive (+) and negative (-) outputs of your radio (see diagram below). If you are wiring just...

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Speaker Basics

Speakers come in many different sizes and configurations. We will cover the basic types for this tutorial. There are a few things to consider when choosing speakers. How many speakers do you want or need? More important, what...

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Wiring a Radio

Basic wiring (what a radio needs to work correctly): Yellow wire 12 volts Constant Red wire 12 volts Ignition/Accessory Black wire Ground If you do not connect ALL of these wires the radio WILL NOT work. Is the factory radio...

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Pairing a Bluetooth Device

When connecting a Bluetooth device for the first time, you must first pair the device with the unit. For most devices, pairing only needs to be done once. To pair your device, follow these steps: 1. Make sure the BT (Bluetooth)...

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