This immaculate V12 Jaguar Convertible had its old original radio cassette removed and a new Model two (now Longbeach) Retrosound radio fitted today. The customer chose Retrosound Model 2 Radio Black with Chrome Trim with Bluetooth AUX USB with a Euro face plate because he thought it best matched the car, it sounded great.

The original speakers were fine however the grills had taken a bit of a bashing over the years so we replaced them with nice new ones.

RetroSound’s Model Two is the most technologically-advanced radio ever made for your classic vehicle.

This is the only Made-For-iPod radio for vintage vehicles, and also the only with built-in Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free phone calls and wireless audio streaming.

The Model Two features a new 32,000 colour display to customize your radio to your classic’s interior. Two USB ports for iPod/iPhone plus two standard auxiliary inputs are included.

The Model Two has a built-in 25 watts x 4 channel power amplifier as well as front and rear RCA pre-outs, plus subwoofer output, to add external amplifiers.